Bon Appétit!

From the moment you enter our warm ambience, decked with natural elements, our staff are standing by to greet your arrival. Once seated, we leave you with our extensive menu that varies between savory and sweet, hot and cold drinks, and an impressive selection of our famous waffles.


Your food is always served fresh, from the smash burgers whipped up on our grills, to the carefully crafted desserts, giving you a few extra minutes surrounded and secluded in a unique atmosphere.


Driven. Intent. Professional.

It's what we do and who we are. Welcome to MNKafé.

Quality Products. Quality Service. Only at your neighborhood boutique café.



Cinnamon Bun Rolls!

Enjoy our soft, buttery, cinnamon buns in 2 exciting flavours - pecan cinnamon rolls, and almond & date rolls. Call us to ask about our next bake to place your order!

Roadrunner Fries - with Chicken!

Our most popular loaded fries now comes in a chicken option - choose from beef or chicken and enjoy the most sought-after fries on our menu!

The Dubai Burger

This mammoth burger weighs in at 1.2kg, served with 2 sides of fries, onion rings, fresh salad with yogurt sauce. Are you up for it?

Breakfast Addition: Countryside

Enjoy a hearty breakfast - freshly made hashbrowns, 2 fried eggs, grilled herb chicken with marinated red onions, toasted bun, and sautéed mushrooms

New Sandwiches!

Three new sandwiches have been added to our menu - visit our menu link above for more details.

Fresh Sandwiches!

Our sandwiches are always freshly made. Now served with eco-friendly packaging for takeaway orders.

Bombay Fries - a perfect vegetarian addition!

Cubed paneer sauteed in home-made tandoori masala, served on top of golden fries, cheese sauce, pepper, chillies and onions. Topped with a tandoori mayo sauce.

Greek Salad

This salad is as vibrant as it is healthy. Loaded with peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers and olives, served with our very own vinaigrette.

The Sliders

We've combined 3 of our most popular burgers and made them into sliders - Miami, Melbourne & Jo'Burger. Served with a side of fries.


Depending on curfew restrictions and other COVID19 developments, our hours of business may change.

Kaunda Avenue, Mombasa, Kenya | contact@mnkafe.com | 0711 665233 or 0777 665233

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