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Cheesy Potato Fritters

Enjoy our newest vegetarian addition on the menu. Cheesy Potato Fritters. With a bit of heat, they are loaded with herbs and spices, a delicious golden crust, and a cheesy centre. It's just phenomenal! Served with a sriracha mayonnaise dip.

27 January 2024


warm pancakes with a delicious Biscoff sauce, topped with crunchy Biscoff crumbs & whipped cream

10 December 2023

Periperi Lemon BBQ

Introducing our Peri Peri 🌶 & Lemon 🍋 BBQ grill! After months of perfecting our very own Peri Peri sauce intended for the grill, we're excited to introduce a delicious and flavourful recipe that will have you spinning!

Choose from ½ grilled bird, boneless or bbq wings option, try it this weekend only at MNKafé!

4 December 2023

Spiced Chicken with Poussin Sauce

Tender grilled marinated chicken, basted with poussin sauce, served with fresh greens, fries of your choice, onion rings, and accompaniments.

19 January 2024

Taste of Tehran

French toast with whipped cream, topped with pistachio sauce, chopped nuts, drizzle of rose syrup, and rose dust

9 December 2023

Clubhouse Sandwiches

We're excited to introduce our clubhouse sandwiches available at our By The Sea location. A perfect brunch option, we're sure you'll love the selection we have to offer: beef, chicken or veggie.

All options come with a side of salted fries, or you can upgrade to peri, garlic and herb, or poussin fries.

It's OMG delicious!

9 September 2023

The Little Bird Pizzadilla

Smoked chicken stuffed #pizzadilla. Layered with a freshly made tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, herbs, garlic and herb smoked chicken. Absolutely delicious!

23 December 2023


French toast with whipped cream, topped with pistachio sauce, chopped nuts, rose petals, scoop of vanilla ice cream with saffron sauce

9 December 2023

Buffalo Beef Loaded Fries

Our newest loaded fries! Enjoy this slightly spicy and tangy fries coated in our secret spices, buffalo sauce, topped with a whole lot of cheese, steak, onions and peppers (including jalapeño peppers), and mozarella cheese, melted to perfection!

Available only at our By The Sea location.

16 August 2023

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