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Spicy BBQ Seekh Kebabs

Enjoy our delicious beef seekh kebabs. While they are spicy, they are just as flavorful, moist, and go extremely well with our bbq sauce as a dip. Served with our usual BBQ platters and options.

26 January 2023

Aloo Quesadilla

Introducing the Aloo Quesadilla, a spin off from the popular Indian snack, Aloo Paratha.

Potatoes gently cooked in a myriad of spices, red onion, coriander, green chilli, and green peppers.

Perfect with tea!

23 October 2022

Nachos Supreme

Topped with 3 sauces (cheese, sriracha & sour cream), minced beef, and fresh veggies and a bit of heat 🌶, enjoy our grand nachos at anytime of the day.

Best for dine in.

23 March 2022


Enjoy our most recent gourmet burger creation. Chicken breast marinated in herbs, deep fried in a crisp spicy coating, layered with fresh greens, tomatoes and onions, a delicious coleslaw, sriracha mayonnaise, in between freshly baked sesame bun.

8 December 2022

mnk Signature Boba Latte

Our signature mnk boba drink. Made with premium coffee, tres leches sweetened milk, dalgona, whipped cream & coffee popping pearls.

Refreshing in the summer, heavenly for coffee lovers!

20 October 2022

Fruit Popping Boba Tea!

Bursting with fruit flavours, choose from 3 delicious options, along with your favorite tea flavour. With 3 flavoured teas and 3 popping boba flavours, a combination of upto 9 options can be made by you.

5 March 2022

La Dolce Vita

Our Holiday spirit kicks of with the introduction of an amazing, luxurious, and indulgent Sundae.

Called La Dolce Vita, this sundae takes the cream of it all.

With freshly made almond biscotti, layered with biscotti ice cream, Vanilla ice cream, sugar coated cinnamon almonds, and a drizzle of lotus biscoff sauce, along with crushed biscotti and a touch of cream.

7 December 2022

Afternoon Tea

Enjoy the British classic afternoon
tea, often interchanged with
‘High Tea’.

Serving up a variety of savoury items such as sandwiches & canapes,
freshly baked scones & desserts.

A selection of hot drinks ensure your indulgece is crowned by the finest brewed bean to cup choices, hot chocolate, or a select range of tea & coffee from Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

2 June 2022

Texas Hotdog

With your choice of beef or chicken Vienna, this hotdog is topped with our bbq sauce, chopped pickles, and green chilli.

9 February 2022

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