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Vaccination Drive

Not vaccinated? Need your second dose? Get vaccinated at our location next weekend, 4th and 5th December! From 10am-5pm, MNKafé is holding a vaccination drive, with support from the Department of Health.

Ensure you register using the link shown on the ad.

25 November 2021

Tamarind Lemonade

The new Tamarind Lemonade.

This refreshing drink comes with a myriad of flavours that can only be described as smooth, exotic, and indulgent.

30 April 2021

Flaming Hot Fries

Combined with a delicious flavour, these spicy fries are for those who can stand the heat.

Even hotter than our Extreme Wings and Five Alarm wedges! 🤔 well, say those who've tried it.

Are you up for it?

18 January 2021

BBQ Wings - More Choices!

Our BBQ Wings now come in 3 additional options! Including the traditional wings, you can now opt for American BBQ, Tandoori Wings, or Masala Tikka.

12 September 2021

Mexican Wrap

Introducing our Mexican inspired soft tacos. Grilled chicken, tomatoes, red onions, cabbage, corn, lettuce, coriander, lime wedges, and sour cream, served with a mango sauce and salsa.

Starts Tuesday 23rd March.

20 March 2021

Matcha Latte

Introducing Matcha Latte - a unique addition to our latte's. Matcha is well known for it's healthy properties, and our Matcha is sourced from Japan. The latte has a vibrant color, and a pleasant taste; with added honey as a sweetener, drinking latte has never been so guilt-free!

10 January 2021

Chicken Poppers!

Served 2 ways, enjoy our delicious, moist poppers with a bit of heat!

1. Chicken poppers served with garlic sauce
2. Cheesy poppers served with our delicious tomato jam

24 August 2021

Four Seasons Loaded Fries

Our fourth version of loaded golden fries is topped with FOUR types of cheeses, mushrooms, onions, a sweet garlic and soy sauce, a touch of red chili flakes, garnished with parsley.

We're calling it Four Seasons.

26 January 2021

Matcha Pancakes...

Our line-up of Matcha Products continue with the newly added Matcha Pancakes - topped with bananas, blueberries (seasonal), mascarpone cream, chocolate sauce, and cocoa - carefully paired flavorings for a unique and decadent addition to our breakfast menu items. We're calling this - Fuji.

10 January 2021