From the moment you enter our warm ambience, decked with natural elements, our staff stand by to greet your arrival. Once seated, we leave you with our extensive menu that varies between savory and sweet, hot and cold drinks, and an impressive selection of our famous waffles.


Your food is always served fresh, from the popular smash burgers whipped up on our grills, to the carefully crafted desserts, giving you a few extra minutes surrounded and secluded in a unique atmosphere.

Innovative. Driven. Intent. Professional. It's what we do and who we are. Welcome to MNKafé.


Afternoon Tea

Enjoy the British classic afternoon
tea, often interchanged with
‘High Tea’.

Serving up a variety of savoury items such as sandwiches & canapes,
freshly baked scones & desserts.

A selection of hot drinks ensure your indulgece is crowned by the finest brewed bean to cup choices, hot chocolate, or a select range of tea & coffee from Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

2 June 2022

Texas Hotdog

With your choice of beef or chicken Vienna, this hotdog is topped with our bbq sauce, chopped pickles, and green chilli.

9 February 2022

Creamy Mushroom Pepper Steak

Creamy mushroom & pepper steak: strips of grilled tender fillet sautéed with white onions, topped with a mushroom pepper sauce, fries, fresh greens, onion rings, pepper & yogurt sauces.

24 December 2021

Nachos Supreme

Topped with 3 sauces (cheese, sriracha & sour cream), minced beef, and fresh veggies and a bit of heat 🌶, enjoy our grand nachos at anytime of the day.

Best for dine in.

23 March 2022

mnk signature pancakes

Introducing the mnk signature pancakes. Soft, fluffy, red velvet pancakes, fresh seasonal berries, mascarpone cream, and a cheesecake sauce, dusted with icing sugar and micromint leaves.

24 December 2021

mnk signature burger

The mnk signature burger. A step up from our previous menu item.

This burger is 100% beef patty, Gouda cheese, pickles, a sriracha sauce, onion rings, all tucked away in a freshly made bun.

24 December 2021

Fruit Popping Boba Tea!

Bursting with fruit flavours, choose from 3 delicious options, along with your favorite tea flavour. With 3 flavoured teas and 3 popping boba flavours, a combination of upto 9 options can be made by you.

5 March 2022

Breakfast Steak Burger

Fried egg, Cheddar cheese, grilled steak pieces with mushroom and onion tossed in a sweet and sour sauce, tomatoes and lettuce, in between freshly baked herb buns.

24 December 2021

Holiday Hot Chocolate

Enjoy our indulgent WHITE hot chocolate, made with a creamy white chocolate mixture (it isn't too sweet!), topped with whipped cream, white chocolate nibs, and mini sprinkles.

24 December 2021


Depending on curfew restrictions and other COVID19 developments, our hours of business may change.