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Ranging from offers, business hours, prayer timings, and more!

Business Hours

For more details on our hours of business, closures (if any), please click here.

Marhaba Breakfast

Missing breakfast? Have it all day! Our breakfast menu selection is available until 8.30pm.

Marhaba Daily

Our signature Marhaba Menu is available daily from 6pm - 8.30pm.

Marhaba Weekend BBQ

Enjoy succulent BBQ for iftaar/dinner! 4 varieties of BBQ selections available, every Saturday & Sunday, from 5pm.

Marhaba Sehri

We've customized the Sehri Menu - simply refrigerate & re-heat in your oven at anytime you prefer!

Prayer Timings

A consolidated prayer timing chart available for quick reference, or to download on your desktop/mobile.

Eid Information

Closer to time, we will provide updates on our Eid Schedule and/or offers.

Information, offers and selections may change at anytime without notice.