Weekly Offers

Tempting Tuesday

Our largest selection with the biggest discount ever - get up to 30% off all waffles, shakes and crepes every Tuesday.

Tuesdays. Expires 21 April 2020

Up to 30% off!

Wrap it up Fridays

With 9 wraps to choose from, you have an amazing selection - buy any 2 delicious wraps for only 650/-!

Friday, 11am - 10pm. TC may apply.

Purchase ANY 2 wraps for 650/-!

Midweek Mayhem

... a burger or wrap of your choice, side of fries or wedges, a side of salad, and 1/2 portion Belgian waffles.

Wednesday, 11am - 10pm. TC may apply. Ends 22 April 2020

Just 1000KES for...

Every Weekday

Buy two regular cappuccinos for 340/- (like it), 400/- (love it), two lattes, 400/-. Coffee with company; priceless moments.

Every Weekday, 4pm - 6pm

Coffee Hour

Smashburger Thursday

Choose ANY burger on the menu, and get either the Miami, Melbourne, or LA burgers free, or any other burger for only 200/-!

Thursday, 11am - 10pm. TC may apply.

Buy ANY burger, get 1 free

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