Terms & Conditions

As an Emerald MNK Rewards member, the following terms and conditions apply to members immediately after enrollment.

  1. Application for membership for the Loyalty Card is open to any individual aged 13 and above.

  2. Accrual

    • Upon approval, applicant will be given a Membership no. via email. Once you receive your personal number, you may begin accruing credits immediately by uploading your receipt on your portal.

    • Points are based on completed purchases. Each Tier has it's own set point levels. Click here to learn more.

    • Members must provide their Emerald Loyalty number at all times during any purchase for point accrual; in the event you fail to provide your number before the end of day, you may also upload the sales receipt on the portal to earn points, within 7 days.

    • Accrual of points are valid on regular priced menu items, including our daily and weekly offers; accrual is not applicable on gift card purchases, or items such as confectionary, nor are they applicable on any business partner purchases, unless otherwise advertised.

  3. Redemption

    • Members may redeem their points at any time, by selecting vouchers from their online portal. Log in, select the voucher you wish to redeem, and it will be added to your profile. Vouchers are available in 200/-, 500/-, 1,000/-, and 2,000/- denominations, depending on your tier level. Only 1 voucher is permitted per transaction/single visit within a 24-hour period; they cannot be combined with any other gift cards, vouchers, or offers, and can be redeemed for any regular-priced menu item at MNKafé. Redemption program is subject to change without notice and any changes can be found on this site.

    • To earn credits, you must have a temporary or tier-level membership card with you. Membership cards are available at a fee. In the event your card is lost or stolen, please inform MNKafé immediately - our contacts are available under the get in touch column. While we will not be responsible for any transactions done using your card, we will endeavor to ensure that our members are safeguarded from any unfortunate occurrences of the same, and will take steps to prevent unauthorized use. Lost or stolen cards do not carry any log in information, therefore, online access to your profile should be available and will further secure your account in the event of unauthorized access. Do not share your password with anyone, as that would be a breach of the terms & conditions set forth and all activities to your account will not be a responsibility by MNKafé.

    • Redemption can only be done by the card holder, who must present their physical card during the transaction; vouchers cannot be transferred or sold.

  4. Points & Card Expiration

    • All points will expire within 36 months from the time of accrual. Within this time frame, your credits must be redeemed. Balance of any remaining points will be forfeited after 36 months.

    • The Terms & Conditions set forth can be amended at any time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the card holder to obtain the latest terms & conditions from this website.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of our Emerald MNK Rewards program!