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MNKafe deserves a tip of the hat, for as critical as I am, I have never once been disappointed

MNKafé is as eclectic as it gets. From mouth watering Tiramisu to tongue sizzling spicy tuna & olive sandwiches, you will have a very wide range of dishes, desserts and beverages to choose from.

It has to be one of my favourite cafes in the world and trust me when I say, I have been to many cafes including in the European capital of cafés, Vienna, where I have enjoyed Café Mozart, Café Museum and Café Landtmann

At MNKafe in Mombasa's Kaunda Avenue, it is a selfie on coffee or hot chocolate that is drawing customers.

It would almost be a sin not to sample some of their famous cakes. These were served at the start of the business in Mombasa and their success transformed it into the successful enterprise it is today.

Right next to Sham E Bahar, you’ll find this quaint little cafe that serves up some delicious waffles with some very exotic twists

MnKafe is one of those restaurants that teases your taste buds with their mouth watering desserts using their Instagram account and you have no other choice but to find your way there.

...the menu in this little munching haven will most certainly have you deliberating what to pick as everything looks so good.

“I have to say, this cupcake (red velvet) rejuvenated my mission to find the best red velvet cupcake around.

“It was truly one of the best cupcakes in Mombasa. I enjoyed the freshly baked After Nine cupcake.

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