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Wrap it up Tuesday's

Purchase ANY 2 wraps for 700/-!

With 9 wraps to choose from, you have an amazing selection - buy any 2 delicious wraps for only 700/-!

Tuesday's, 11am - 8pm. TC may apply.

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Any 2 loaded fries for 850/-

You can choose any 2 from 4 of our famous loaded fries: Roadrunner (beef or chicken), Bombay Fries, or Four Seasons for just KES850!

Fridays, 12pm - 8pm. TC may apply.

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Waffle Wednesday

Buy 1 get 1 for...

Purchase any waffle on the menu and get 1 free (Delicious section), or for only 200/- (Delightful section)!

Wednesday's, 11am - 8pm

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Shake it Saturday's

September Only

Up to 20% off our shakes!

Enjoy our indulgent shakes on Saturday’s in September,
with discounts of upto 20% on all adult-sized shakes.
The more you shake it, the more you save! Packaging charges may apply.

Saturday's, 10am - 8pm

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Smashburger Thursday

Buy ANY burger, get 1 free

Choose ANY burger on the menu, and get either the Miami, Melbourne, or LA burgers free, or any other burger for only 200/-!

Thursday's, 11am - 8pm. TC may apply.