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We began in the year 2000 from a small kitchen in New York as "The Spice Grill", providing catering services for local events ranging from family gatherings, communal get-togethers, weddings, and University events. By providing unique cuisine catering to the Halal market, our services focused on providing Asian & Western cuisine. Due to the recession, and after 8 years of catering in the United States, our journey ended in the West, but was reborn in East Africa in 2008.

In 2009, our journey resumed with professional catering services, but it wasn't until after a market study was conducted, giving birth to MNKPatisserie, a spin off from The Spice Grill. Demand necessitated a retail outlet which mushroomed into a café, and by 2012, our products extended to included coffees, teas, Belgian waffles, milkshakes, lemonades, and sandwiches. Along with the products we showcase, to which we attend to every detail, we also listened - customers are an important part of our growth, and with that, we tailor-made our menu according to local interests, experiences, and of course, introducing unique, bold and favorable items.

In 2015, MNKafé relocated from the hustle of Old Town, to the serene and suburban neighbourhood of Kizingo, reflecting our aim to become one of the leading café's that focuses on family & friends. Our ambiance has warm, earthy tones, relying heavily on natural colors such as brown, and green, with reflecting elements such as wood, stone and plants.

Through our journey, our passion and commitment in providing exceptional products and services hasn't gone unnoticed, with editorial acclaims by The Star Newspaper, as well as Kenya's largest online travel website, Travelstart, having being mentioned as being one of the top 20 amazing dining experiences in Kenya. We're also listed with Tripadvisor, consistently with top ratings, where unbiased reviews from our customers showcase our commitment and dedication to providing you with the best.

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