MNK Coins

A simple, hassle-free way to earn coins & get rewarded.

Welcome to the simplest reward system at MNKafé!

While MNK Coins is not linked to the Emerald MNK Rewards program, you can still earn both coins and points in the same transaction. Upload your receipt to continue earning points towards your Emerald Membership Rewards. MNK Coins is limited to completed online purchases with the coin earnings based on your checkout amount, and exclusive to all orders online.

Here's how simple MNK Coins is:

Earning Coins

  • For every KES1.00 spent, earn 1 coin - very simple and straightforward. If your order is KES2,000, you earn 2,000 MNK Coins straight away!

Spending Coins

  • For every 25 coins, you get a KES 1.00 discount off your next order.

  • Coins can be redeemed at anytime - immediately on your second order, or you can save them up for a real treat!

Cancelled Orders

  • Any orders that are cancelled for any reason, will reflect on your coin collectors portal, and be deducted accordingly.